On-Site Coordinator vs. Wedding Coordinator

On-Site Coordinator vs. Wedding Coordinator

As you begin your wedding planning journey, you are bound to run across a wide range of questions that you may have never considered.  One question that is sure to arise if you’re having your wedding/reception at a venue that provides an on-site coordinator is: “What’s the difference between a venue’s on-site coordinator and a wedding coordinator?”  The simplest and short answer is: “An on-site coordinator works for the venue, while a wedding coordinator works for you!”
Since this is a first time experience for most brides and grooms, it would be a fair assumption that the venue’s on-site coordinator will take care of everything related to the wedding.  However, that is not the case.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am NOT in any way bashing onsite coordinators or looking to take away from their overall importance.  In fact, I think they are an excellent help in making sure everything goes smoothly on the big day.  I just wanted to share the difference between the two roles so that there are no surprises if your venue coordinator says he/she will not, or cannot, perform a specific task for you.
An on-site coordinator will usually:

  • Provide a list of preferred vendors that have previously worked at the venue
  • Consult with you on food/beverage selections
  • Create a floor plan for your ceremony/reception
  • Detail your banquet event order
  • Act as the liason between you and your wedding vendors
  • Oversee ceremony/reception setup, food, etc. provided by the venue

A wedding coordinator’s list of duties is far more extensive, and includes:

  • Working with you during all planning stages of the wedding planning process
  • Researching vendors that fit within your budget
  • Scheduling and attending vendor appointments
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Providing design and decor ideas
  • Assisting with questions regarding proper etiquette
  • Helping you stay within budget and creating a vendor payment schedule
  • Creating a detailed timeline of the day for you, your bridal party, and vendors
  • Confirming all vendors prior to the wedding day
  • Arriving early to ensure timely and proper setup
  • Providing an “emergency kit” in the case of unforeseen incidents
  • Overseeing the event through its finality

When planning an event as big and special as a wedding, it would be ideal to have both an on-site coordinator AND a wedding planner.  The on-site coordinator is a wonderful asset to making sure all venue-related bases are covered, but make sure you have a wedding coordinator on your side to help make sure ALL bases are covered.  When these two professionals work together, your chances of  having a wonderfully orchestrated, stress-free event are doubled!

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