5 Weddings in 5 Days!

5 Weddings in 5 days……By: Debbie Benson

Wow, 5 weddings in 5 days. If you think being a bride for 1 day is tough, try having 5 in 5 different locations. Each very different in its own unique way. I hope Alex and Lisa will take away with them the things that set Myrtle Beach apart from other destinations. 015Where do I start, Litchfield Plantation, so beautiful and so regal, a lovley old plantation sparkling like a white diamond, dresse d with holiday finery. Willy Wonka/Candyland, our Myrtle Beach Pavilian, lit with fantastic lights, a wackadoodle cake and candy table and and an outrageously funny officiant. James…James Bond, set among the swaying sea oates on a beautiful day with the pier in the background at MB Statepark after a day of jet skies, scuba, and ziplining. Our wonderful boat club for coming in at the last minute with a yacht and 2 amazing spot boats for our film crew. And finally…..THE074 FLASH MOB, Broadway at the Beach was so gracious. The classic car club provided amazing cars for our Legend’s celebrities, Blu Energy drink provided the helicopter for ariel shots, the 062CCU cheerleaders created the flash dance and brought their entire squad. And Lisa and 051Alex, so beautiful as Marilyn, and so dapper in tails as Fred Astair, what more could we ask. Amazing, I can’t049 beleive Kelly, August and I pulled it off. Oh, and did I tell you, we are all available for weddings ( just in case you didn’t know).

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