Lauren and Bronsons Wedding 9.1.2013

Lauren and Bronson…..such an Amazing couple with so much love that it was such an honor to be around them on this beautiful day….even with all of the craziness that happened! Sometimes things happen that are out of control even for the planners!! Where do we begin…….the venue was booked over a year before the actual wedding and well just 2 months before the wedding we were told the venue was now to be used for a reality tv show and we were getting pushed aside. Although they did make it work for us it was a nightmare. The front yard was a disaster with the productions crews stuff just everywhere. The backyard was a dirty mess with dirt everywhere. The couple love fireworks and were told a few days before the wedding they were not able to have them…this is after purchasing $800 worth of fireworks. We reserved a Taco Truck with Margaritas for late night snacks and confirmed with the restaurant earlier in the day…to then be told at 10:30pm that the truck broke down and they wont be coming. Fire ants attacked one of the farm tables, and a neighbor called the police on the dj because of the noise and was written a ticket for $500.00. Although all of this craziness occurred, Lauren and Bronson still had a wonderful time and how could you not with a fun and funky wedding with your friends and family surrounding you all night long!!BCP-4243BCP-3052BCP-3923BCP-3487BCP-3482BCP-3499BCP-3464BCP-3506BCP-3493BCP-3434BCP-3469BCP-3437BCP-4632BCP-4841
Event Planner and Designer: Gigi Noelle Events
Photographer: Brooke Christl Photography
Rentals: Hotz Rentals
Catering: Inlet Affairs
Cake: Croissants Bistro and Bakery
Videography: Hart to Heart Media
dj: Joe Durivage
Venue: Kings Krest in Murells Inlet, sc

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