Bridal Session at Litchfield Plantation

A few months ago the owner of Salon and Spa 18 came to us and wanted our help in putting together a photo shoot to help show a few new hair designs that he was working on. I think that Corina Silva captured it all beautifully!

Bridal_portraits - Corina_Silva_Studios-4
Bridal_portraits - Corina_Silva_Studios-9
Bridal_portraits - Corina_Silva_Studios-30
Bridal_portraits - Corina_Silva_Studios-209
Bridal_portraits - Corina_Silva_Studios-104
Bridal_portraits - Corina_Silva_Studios-140
Bridal_portraits - Corina_Silva_Studios-418
Bridal_portraits - Corina_Silva_Studios-175Bridal_portraits - Corina_Silva_Studios-204Bridal_portraits - Corina_Silva_Studios-294
Bridal_portraits - Corina_Silva_Studios-223
Bridal_portraits - Corina_Silva_Studios-335
Bridal_portraits - Corina_Silva_Studios-319
Bridal_portraits - Corina_Silva_Studios-370

Gigi Noelle Events
Salon and Spa 18
Corina Silva Studios
Amandas Collection

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