Sky’s Peppa Pig 3rd Birthday

It’s that time of year and in the midst of wedding season that your daughter is ready for her birthday party. Through hundreds of weddings she has seen since the day she was born, she is ready for it to be her day! Honestly if she had her choice she would be wearing white and something sparkly but we have plenty of time for that. For now it’s all about bright colors and cute little pigs. Her favorite cartoon over the last year has been Peppa Pig so we knew that’s what she would ask for. Since we are in the event industry we knew we would need to plan early and of course could never just have pizza and streamers. {That would just make things so much easier} Instead a huge white tent is put up in our backyard and colorful chandeliers are hung throughout, Lime green linens and fun Peppa pig buckets filled with colorful flowers are placed in the middle.
Our average white plantation bars are transformed into Hot Pink gorgeousness by her daddy and a dj is brought in for her and her friends to dance to. Her favorite? Justin Bieber……next year she tells me she wants him at her party…lol!
When it came to the catering, we left that up to her Poppy, as he is one of the best in the area. He created a great menu for the kids of chicken fingers and ff but also has the typical party food like mac and cheese and hot dogs for the adults! Desserts well, Nana always participates in that. She made rice crispies, cookies, we added candy and of course Buttercream Cakes made us a beautiful Peppa Pig cake.
One thing that Skylar really wanted at her party was a face painter and she did not disappoint. Although it was Memorial Day weekend and we are having one of the hottest summers ever, kids lined up and loved it! A candy filled Peppa Pig piñata was last and everyone took turns until candy spilled out and all the kids went racing. All in all it was a wonderful day and even in the midst of a tropical storm the weather held out it was magical!



Gigi Noelle Events
Hotz Rentals
Buttercream Cakes
Creative Catering
Mc Sound and Light
Corina Silva Studios

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