The Ladies

{The Ladies who Make it All Happen}

Kelly Catron {Owner/ Event Designer}
I Love What I Do!
With over 15 years experience, Kelly has learned that the little details really do make a difference.
With a love of DIY projects, Kelly creates magic of the unexpected, creating a comfortable and calm enviroment for her clients to ensure the planning process is not stressful, but in fact enjoyable.
Her love of the arts, design and fashion are driving force in creating and designing impeccable events.
Upon receiving a degree from WVU, Kelly decided to work alongside her Mom, Debbie, to create the business she loves and
with a new baby girl in the picture, she knows that both she and Skylar will enjoy playing wedding every weekend.
Kelly knows that there is nothing that can compare with the feeling of watching a design come together, and seeing her client’s reaction to it.
It’s why she loves what she does!

 Debbie Benson {Owner/ Floral Designer }
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Debbie learned she had a great eye for design and detail when she began working with bride’s and groom’s more than 30 years ago.
Working in NY and NJ,  with floral and event designer, Paul Michael, led her to what she does best, creating beautiful  events for every couple.
As our in-house floral designer, Debbie creates beautiful bouquets and centerpieces for each special occasion.  She brings a great deal of experience with lots of ideas, while being aware that no event will ever be the same.   Her goal is to always achieve the highest quality of design.
She loves what she does, and our brides always love what she creates!

Where does the name come from?


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