A Baby Shower fit for a Princess

When you find out your pregnant with your second little girl and you’re an event planner, most people start asking when will the shower be? For our family being in the event industry I first needed to get through wedding season before even being able to come up with a theme for my own party.

        I started with the linen. I found a photo inspiration of the La tavola printed linen and I knew from that that would guide me through the rest. With a party set in the summer I wanted bright colors and fun prints. Not your typical baby shower, but again nothing we do is typical! We do a lot of events on the grounds at Litchfield Plantation and since we had our first baby shower here I thought it only fitting we host our second. Kelly'sBabyShower-CorinaSilvaPhotography-22.jpgWe did move the location through; most events are thrown in the back yard under a tent but for this one, no tent and lots of lighting! Luckily, we know the best lighting guy in town. Mc Sound and Light did an amazing job with the Edison bulbs. I did give our floral department free reign to design gorgeous centerpieces for our guest’s tables. Kelly'sBabyShower-CorinaSilvaPhotography-4.jpgDebbie choose shades of pinks, peaches and corals with pops of lime green. kellysbabyshower-corinasilvaphotography-7

        For our seating chart and favors I thought it would be fun to give our guests seed packets, they were hung on a custom made frame which helped guide guests to their seats. We had a sign that also said “Please be seeded”.  Skylar my 3.5 year old are blessed to have wonderful mommy friends and of course we wanted them there. Plus Sky would need friends there to keep her company so we made sure to have a friendly and fun kids table filled with candy, fun mustaches, crayons and coloring books. kellysbabyshower-corinasilvaphotography-45As for catering well, that’s my father’s department. As one of the best caterers in town I knew I could trust him with a fun summer menu and that’s what he gave us. Mexican was the theme for the night, so with shredded beef tacos and homemade guacamole our guests were able to enjoy! Homemade lemonade and desserts were part of my mom’s job! Kelly'sBabyShower-CorinaSilvaPhotography-181.jpgShe baked 6 different pound cakes, and they were delicious. We eat and see cake and cupcakes every single weekend so this was such a nice change especially for most of our guests who are part of the industry as well! Lastly I knew that we wanted a great photographer and Corina Siva Studios never disappointments. She has not only been our go to wedding photographer but she is our go to family photographer for the past few years and I’m even making her be in the hospital for Baby Sloan’s Birth this time!kellysbabyshower-corinasilvaphotography-96

        We are so blessed that we had so many loved ones join us for this shower and can’t wait to share more of our adventure with all of them!kellysbabyshower-corinasilvaphotography-17kellysbabyshower-corinasilvaphotography-24


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